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Summer market

in Old Stavanger

02. Jun 2019 KL. 11:00 - 16:00

Old Stavanger's Society of Friends invites you to experience a summer market in the historic neighbourhood. 

forminsket_lakserøyking_oddbjørnløkenaarstad-1319.jpg#asset:7207At the Norwegian Canning Museum, you can sample fresly smoked salmon straight from the ovens.forminsket_iddisar_oddbjørnløkenaarstad-1454.jpg#asset:7208The canning-label Club 'Norway Brand' is on hand. Admire their Rich collections of colourful labels!Arbeiderboligen-2.jpg#asset:928The café in the Worker's Cottage will tempt you with hot and cold drinks, waffles and ice cream.

forminsket_arbeiderboligen_oddbjørnløkenaarstad-1361.jpg#asset:7210The Worker's Cottage is somewhat of a time Journey. On the ground floor, the interior is built up by artifacts from the 1920s. Up the stairs, on the first floor, is a fully equipped 1960s flat for a family with two-three kids. 
forminsket_arbeiderboligen_oddbjørnløkenaarstad-1362.jpg#asset:7209You are welcome to og around and have looksee in all the rooms and nooks. You can also bring your coffee from the café on the grund floor to which ever room you like. Maybe you'd like to sit down in the 1960s kitchen on the first floor?